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Adoptions Finalized Prior to Jan. 1, 1964

Adult adoptees and their lineal descendants may submit an application to the Ohio Department of Health for a copy of the adoption file.  The adult lineal descendants (children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the adoptee) may also submit an application for a copy of the adoption file.  An adoption file usually contains the original birth certificate and a court order decree of adoption.   Please note: a copy of an adoption file CANNOT be ordered online, nor can a copy of an adoption file be provided in our lobby on the same day.  Customers may mail the required documents with payment or submit them in our lobby; requests will be verified and researched, then copies will be mailed within one month.



Notarized request should be mailed to:





Ohio Department of Health
Office of Vital Statistics
P.O. 15098
Columbus, Ohio 43215

Should you have questions, contact our customer service team at (614) 466-2531.


Updated: 4/4/2017