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Local Vital Statistics Guidance


This section of the Vital Statistics Stakeholder Support Site contains guidance for local Vital Statistics offices on topics not formally covered by ODH procedures and not explicitly related to the process of filing and registering vital records through IPHIS/EDRS. 

Changes in Local Vital Statistics Staff

When a local registrar, deputy registrar, or sub-registrar changes local VS offices should complete the Change of Registrar Appointment Request form linked here and send it to the VS Helpdesk via email:  Registrars and local VS administrators can also submit an email to the VS Helpdesk when local VS staff need new access roles in IPHIS (such as statewide issuance, or cause of death entry).  These emails should contain the name of the user, their email address and phone number, the IPHIS/EDRS access roles that are needed, and any training certificates of completion obtained through OHTrain.
An updated list of training expectations for new (and current) local Vital Statistics staff will be released once we have made our anticipated updates to the IPHIS/EDRS system. 

Security Paper

At this point, the 2017 order for security paper has been placed with our vendor.  ODH/VS will let local registrars know when an exact delivery schedule is available.  When a local VS office receives their delivery of security paper, they must complete the Security Paper Verification form and return it via email to  If you are transferring security paper between local offices you will need to complete the Security Paper Transfer form and submit it to

Equipment Salvage

Any office that is replacing ODH-purchased equipment (e.g., their HP LaserJet P2055 locking printer) should ensure that the equipment is sent back to ODH Vital Statistics for salvaging.  Hardware can be packed into any available box and labeled for shipment using the UPS CampusShip instructions in the paragraph above.  A Surplus Property Turn In Document for LHDs should accompany each shipment of salvaged equipment.  If you are replacing your PCs please refer to this list of computer requirements for the replacement systems. 

Instructions for local VS offices to disassemble their Widmer certifiers in preparation for transfer of their custody to local health districts and/or salvage can be found here

UPS Shipping for Local Offices

Each week, local offices should send any records filed during the previous week to ODH via their regularly scheduled UPS pickup.  Please do not delay the shipping of any filed records to our office as this prevents them from being fully registered and we are all under increasingly tight deadlines to register our records.  Answers to most questions about these regular shipments and the guidelines for mailing certificates can be found here.
Offices that need to ship surplus equipment, off-schedule batches of filed records, or other materials to our office can use their UPS CampusShip access to send these shipments to us.  A memo with instructions on accessing your UPS CampusShip account and using it to print labels can be found here.

Mass Fatality Guidance for Local Jurisdictions

In May 2015, the Ohio Department of Health in conjunction with the Ohio Emergency Management Agency and the Ohio State Coroner’s Association guidance released this document to assist local jurisdictions including county coroners, emergency management agencies, local health departments and other partners in developing a plan, prior to an incident, which will enable an effective acute mass fatality response. Local agencies can use this document as an information source when developing their own plans based on local resources and conditions.

Last Updated: 7/12/2017