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Vital Statistics for Ohio Coroners

This site is maintained by the Bureau of Vital Statistics for Ohio coroners, deputy coroners, and staff.  If you are a member of the public needing a certified copy of a vital record or general information about our records, please click here


Electronic Death Record Certification Reminder

When death records were signed and certified as paper records Ohio coroners would only see and sign a death certificate after it had been completed and signed by the funeral director.  With the electronic certification process for 2017 and forward death records and medical supplements, the coroner and funeral director signatures function independently of one another; it is not necessary for the funeral director to sign and certify their portion of a death record before the coroner signs.  In some cases, a funeral home may be waiting for the coroner's certification to determine the date of disposition, may wish to print a draft copy of the record for the family to review, or may need to make updates to non-medical information on the death record.  Once both certifications - funeral director and coroner - are checked the death record moves immediately to registered status and no changes or draft copies can be made.  For this reason, we ask all Ohio coroners and deputy coroners to not update any of the funeral home fields on the Completed tab in EDRS. 


EDRS Enhancements are Live

Beginning with deaths occurring in 2017, Ohio death records in our Electronic Death Registration System (EDRS) that are certified by a coroner with a pending cause of death will have medical supplements with fully electronic registration.  Paper copies of medical supplements will continue to be necessary for 2016 and prior year death records, but coroners and deputy coroners will have the ability to certify and electronically sign supplements for deaths occurring 1/1/2017 and onward.   

As of October 4th, 2016 the enhancements allowing for fully electronic registration of coroner-certified death records within EDRS are live.  For a summary of the changes, including the way this will affect funeral homes and local Vital Statistics offices in addition to coroners, click here


Electronic Death Registration System (EDRS) Easy Step Guide

The coroner guide to EDRS has been updated as of December 2016 to reflect the changes to certification of death records and medical supplements for new death records.  Click here for a copy of the new and improved guide. 


Quick Start Guide for Coroner E-Certification

Please use our Quick Reference Guide to review the e-certification enhancements in EDRS made in 2015.
Quick Start Guide for Coroner e-certification


Ohio Acute Mass Fatality Guidance for Local Jurisdictions

This preparedness document has valuable instructions from the Ohio Emergency Management Association, Ohio Department of Health and the Ohio State Coroners Association.
Ohio Acute Mass Fatality Guidance for Local Jurisdictions


Tip Sheet: Correcting Mistakes on a Death Certificate

This tip sheet explains changing a death certificate before it is filed, when to use an affidavit and when to use a medical supplemental.
Tip Sheet Correcting Mistakes on a Death Certificate Record


Tip Sheet: Entry of Unknown Date or Time

EDRS was programmed to interpret “99” as an unknown value in date and time fields. This tip sheet gives examples for using “99” in date/time fields.
Tip Sheet for Entry of Unknown Date or Time


Last updated: 7/12/2017